Order and Chaos in Dubai and Delhi

This is my third trip to India, and the place no longer makes the same impact on me as before. I vividly remember the impression Delhi made on my first visit – the shock of the noise, car chaos and endless number of people. Even on my second trip, the traffic experience as we drove…

Dear Sue,

France, 11th August 2011 Dear Sue, I am sat here in the sun, on holiday, soaking up the rays of the sun and the heat. Just as you loved to, armed with a suitable cold alcoholic drink. You would have been on the beach in Jamaica or Barbados rather than in deepest France.

My inner tubes

I am increasingly trying to travel light through life. Each week as I pack for my 2-3 days working away I try to be more minimalist. One day I wont need a suitcase at all. I am increasingly becoming a throw-outer rather than a hoarder. Maybe this is because the further we travel through the…

Leaving and losing

Our children leave home messily. That’s not to say they leave a mess – my son has just driven off leaving a perfectly tidy and very empty bedroom, plus a couple of old computers to take to the tip.

Trumps and Triumphs

We played a family game of cards last night – five of us. Some of my best family memories are of playing cards. As children we memorably played “solo whist” with Great Aunt Bertha and Great Uncle Alf and our grandparents and assorted distant cousins in a little wooden bungalow near the sea in Cumberland.

School Prospectus

For some reason I woke up thinking about school, and what I would change, and decided to write down some semi-radical thoughts. Do you agree with some of them?