The Hit Parade

Least unpopular blogs of all time . . .

1. School Prospectus – Jun11 – How we need to change education

2. Take me to your Leader – Jan12 – What makes a good leader?
3. Leaving and Losing – Jul11 – When our children leave home
4. Dogs on Trains – Jan12 – A humorous encounter
5. Order and Chaos in Dubai and Delhi – Oct11 – Tales of two cities
6. Trumps and Triumphs – Jul11 – Musings on winning and losing
7. Tick Tick Tick Tick – Dec11 – Dealing with tasks, time and leisure
8. Writes of Passages – Jan12 – Why do I want to write?
9. Canaries Christmas – Dec11 – Christmas in the sun
10. The Kitchen – Dec11 – A poem about the most important room

Thanks to all of you who have kindly clicked on my writings and wramblings. Please do feel free to leave comments or marks out of 5.

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