The Television Trap

We’re all in your power.
We sit and we watch and consume every hour.
Turn up the colour to arouse our emotion,
Turn up the sound to enchain our devotion.

We long to embrace
The truth that’s the picture enlightening your face.
We yearn to be part of that life on the screen,
The drama, excitement embroidering our dreams.

We stay up all night
Till the shadows are long and we glint in your light,
Till our minds, like the screen in our eyes becomes blank,
Till our brains are washed out by the poison we’ve drunk.

We obey only you,
We receive our instructions, we know what to do.
We worship and love you, our lives are your own,
Never forsake us, we can’t make it alone.

  2 comments for “The Television Trap

  1. Paul H
    January 21, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    very droll!!

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