Passage to India – Monday – Mumbai & South

Landing in Mumbai, the airport (this time) seems like any other. What hits you as you emerge is the oppressive warm blanket of of heat, the crazy chaos of cars and the unrelenting politeness. Suitcases are whisked into cars, doors are opened, and deference is dispensed, with no fuss, no sulkiness and no attitude; other…

Mother’s Day

So we were processed through grey Lancastrian streets, the banality of life continuing without any respect for our appalling secret. Ahead she lay, still, her gaunt body empty of fight, her skin like marble, her hair soft and brown. We crawled between desolate graves of lonely people, neglected, belonging to no-one, the snow still lying.…

Australian Pink Floyd

So we went to see Australian Pink Floyd. The very name a strange juxtaposition. The quintessentially english Cambridge moody, dark, radical, intellectual (some would say over-intellectual) band mimicked by a group of fun-loving straight-forward Aussies.

Getting in a lava . . . .

I had to have a word. It really wasn’t good enough. The brute had caused a whole lot of people a whole load of disruption and inconvenience, and not inconsiderable expense. And all because he had overheated and over-reacted without warning, and without, frankly, any good reason to do so.

Holidays – Feeling the Benefit

I’ve never subscribed to the theory that holidays are some sort of energy recharging exercise. The perceived wisdom is that we run ourselves down, gradually but inexorably by week upon week of endless work and chores, and then like some human mobile phone, plug ourselves into a fresh supply of sun, sleep and relaxation to…