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Wish You Were Here

It was a Friday night. I was at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen to enjoy Roger Waters – creative force behind Pink Floyd, protester, political provocateur, poet and progressive music pantheon. My seat was at the extreme front left of the balcony, parallel with, and high above, the edge of the stage – almost the…

A Day at the Games – London 2012

We had organised our own triathlon down to London, clutching our £35 hockey tickets. We paced the drive, the walk and the tube stages perfectly, with smooth changeovers. The threatened 60 minute queue through security into the Olympic Park took a world record 3 minutes (including a frisk, but no urine samples).

Australian Pink Floyd

So we went to see Australian Pink Floyd. The very name a strange juxtaposition. The quintessentially english Cambridge moody, dark, radical, intellectual (some would say over-intellectual) band mimicked by a group of fun-loving straight-forward Aussies.