The Man in the Boat

Out on the sea,
see the boat
rocked by the waves,
but still afloat.

An orange segment,
a wooden half moon,
like a rocking horse rocker,
like the bowl of a spoon.

Dancing on water,
how can it prevail?
No oars, no engine
no rudder no sail.

The dark skies are threatening,
the elements wrestle,
the raindrops like bullets
pour down on the vessel.

And there in the craft
is a man who is saving
himself from sinking,
not drowning, but waving.

Through storms of the world,
and storms he’s contrived,
the man in the boat
has always survived.

“The ancient mariner”,
“Alone at sea”,
“The life of Pi”,
He’s lived through all three.

Secure in his vessel,
he won’t come to harm.
The waves may be wild
but his spirit is calm.

Through all of life storms
he’s staying afloat,
enjoying the ride,
The Man in the Boat.

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