GROUNDED – Day 4, Loungewear to Lycra

I interacted with other humans a bit more today, which wasn’t difficult after yesterday’s mainly solitary confinement. My wife was out all morning (again), but my daughter came for the day. Not specifically to spent quality time with her dad – rather because her car needed an MOT at the garage at the end of the road. We were both “working from home” and hardly spoke. But sometimes it’s lovely just to share space with a loved one.

Speaking of which, it was nice to be home for Valentine’s Day – ready in person for all the cards cascading through the letter box. Sometimes our postman gets confused. We are number 57 and next door is 57A and our neighbours must be away.

I managed to remember to turn up for some conference calls today. Fortunately audio, rather than video. I took the first one in my red-checked lounge-wear trousers and light blue pyjama t-shirt. During the second call, I made a chicken and tumeric soup with garlic, onions, lentils and coriander. I got caught out on the third call when the phone rang. I explained it was my home phone. Incredulous laughter from my colleagues “you have a home phone ?”. Like a child I resorted to easy denial. “Nothing to do with me I never answer it, it’s always for my wife.” For a moment I wished I was in Denmark

So a slightly more eventful day, but nothing like my usual Thursday –  an early rise to pack my suitcase, grab breakfast, check out, meetings and conversations and a hard-stop of 4pm to leave the office for the airport. The gauntlet of security, passports, lounge, priority boarding, seat-belt. And at some point having to get properly dressed. Today was such an easier day.

Tonight, I went out again with the local running club. No romantic meal out for we dedicated athletes. I changed from my lounge-wear to my lycra. As I was running, I found myself talking to a young woman who it turned out knew my daughter’s boyfriend. When I said I was his girlfriend’s dad, she showed some surprise. Yet again I seemed to have caused incredulity : “you don’t look old enough”.

It was dark, I was wearing a hat and running glasses, and it’s an easy line. But hey, sometimes you have to take the compliment. I wouldn’t have got one of those on flight SK2536. This travel ban is delivering more and more benefits.

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