The Plausibility of Pistorius

This is what I thought a year ago . . . lets see what the trial adds or answers.

Unwrapping The World

I am fascinated by the whole Oscar Pistorius tragedy. Not because he is famous, not because he is an athlete and not because he has prosthetic legs. But because he has shot and killed another human (Reeva Steenkamp), confessed openly to this, whilst at the same time constructing almost the perfect excuse/alibi.

The tragedy of course is not that he himself faces the emotional trauma, guilt and loss of accidentally killing the woman he loved and intended to marry * /  a life in jail as a convicted hot-* /cold *-blooded murderer * (delete as applicable). The real tragedy is that a 29 year old woman has had her life taken violently from her, and from her family and friends. They will grieve and miss her for the rest of their own lives. Nothing good can possibly come from any of this. 

What do I mean by the perfect alibi? If Pistorius did murder Steenkamp…

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