The Joys of Cycling . . .

10 things specifically designed to annoy cyclists . . .

1. Slopes – hardly noticed in a car, three day mountain hikes on a bike.
2. Grids – cycle over them and dislocate your hip, swerve around them and get wiped out by a lorry. Tough choice.
3. Cars – which blithely and arrogantly park in cycle lanes. grrr.
4. Cycle Lanes – which stop suddenly above or below a six inch kerb.
5. Wind – which is always against you and never behind you … (like life).
6. Cold – eating your knuckles raw and fusing your fingers to your metal handlebars.
7. Debris – land mines of sharp stones which ambush and puncture delicate fragile tyres
8. Litter – bottles, bags, papers, dead animals – provided by cars for cyclists to admire and negotiate.
9. Holes – in the road – which cars don’t notice but bikes disappear into.
10. Traffic lights – which deliberately turn to red at the last possible moment.

feel free to add your own . . .

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  5 comments for “The Joys of Cycling . . .

  1. DB
    April 16, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Scallys – who think it’s funny to beep or scream out of their car window whilst speeding past dangerously close

    Car Doors – which drivers open without looking causing you to swerve around them or crash painfully in to them

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