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Floods on Trains

Who would have thought that a few drops of innocent rain could cause national railway mayhem? I had smiled smugly as I booked my reserved seat on the 7.50am train from Derby straight through to Southampton. Not for me the nightmare of flooded roads and waterlogged engines. Not for me an endless night freezing in…


I look back with renewed fondness at my interaction with the dog on a train. On Thursday, I experienced something far more distasteful – drunks on a train. And all of this in the so-called quiet coach.

Dogs on Trains

Have you ever shared the quiet coach on the train with a dog? I did last Friday. I don’t really “do” dogs, so I have no idea what species or breed it was. It was quite large and yellow-ish with floppy ears. Does that help? It was – to be fair, and unlike most dogs…