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Confrontation (and the Consequences) on Trains

Confrontation is an uncomfortable experience for all concerned. Particularly – it seems – on a train. I was once confronted with the feedback that I “avoided confrontation”. This was presented to me as a vice, whereas I had naively thought that the altruistic desire not to upset other people, coupled with the reasonable desire for self-preservation,…

Teenagers on Trains

The trolley woman was having none of it. “Can you keep your voice down please, and stop swearing.” The errant teenager was belligerent with her three defences. “It doesn’t say we can’t talk” was a reference to the Quiet Coach Rules, which forbid only loud music, the use of mobile phones (quaintly, as phones) and…


I look back with renewed fondness at my interaction with the dog on a train. On Thursday, I experienced something far more distasteful – drunks on a train. And all of this in the so-called quiet coach.