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Order and Chaos in Dubai and Delhi

This is my third trip to India, and the place no longer makes the same impact on me as before. I vividly remember the impression Delhi made on my first visit – the shock of the noise, car chaos and endless number of people. Even on my second trip, the traffic experience as we drove…

Passage to India – Monday – Mumbai & South

Landing in Mumbai, the airport (this time) seems like any other. What hits you as you emerge is the oppressive warm blanket of of heat, the crazy chaos of cars and the unrelenting politeness. Suitcases are whisked into cars, doors are opened, and deference is dispensed, with no fuss, no sulkiness and no attitude; other…

Delhi – Organised Chaos

It’s not possible to encapsulate Delhi into words or organise the place into neat observations. On one level she is a fascinating jumble of colour, history, religion, language, food and geography.