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Employ me … and my family?

The Danes put their families first – literally. At least the five who we interviewed this week did. First up was Matias who proudly handed us each a carefully constructed A4 sheet all about himself. His life (so far) – on a page.  “Age 37” he stated,  then “Live with Helene, together we have Jonas…

The Empty Nest?

The nest is empty. The chicks have flown. Now they fluff their own plumage, feather their own nests and jump up early enough to catch their own worms. We taught them all we knew and some things we didn’t know. And they taught us quite a bit in return.  Like how being mum and dad…

Raspberry Fields Forever

We stroll down to the raspberry fields. The soft sun and the delicate fruits calling us seductively, irresistibly. Raspberries are my favourite fruit – soft, succulent, symbolising summer; sultry and slightly sexy. Forget strawberry fields, for me it is raspberry fields forever. Let me take you down.

Leaving and losing

Our children leave home messily. That’s not to say they leave a mess – my son has just driven off leaving a perfectly tidy and very empty bedroom, plus a couple of old computers to take to the tip.