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Get the celebrities out of here …

We live in the age of the individual and the personality. The individual is me (or maybe you, if I even care about you). The ‘personality’ is the so-called celebrity on TV, in the papers, on the web, in my fantasy. The way it works is this.

Take me to your Leader

Much has been written about leadership and what makes a good leader. There are various populist-media examples, portrayed in films, exalted in the press, and then vilified for failing up to to the photo-fit image they probably never signed up to. It sells papers, video-games and movies. There is the testosterone filled muscle man leader.…

Trumps and Triumphs

We played a family game of cards last night – five of us. Some of my best family memories are of playing cards. As children we memorably played “solo whist” with Great Aunt Bertha and Great Uncle Alf and our grandparents and assorted distant cousins in a little wooden bungalow near the sea in Cumberland.

School Prospectus

For some reason I woke up thinking about school, and what I would change, and decided to write down some semi-radical thoughts. Do you agree with some of them?